Fiesta Boricua

Fiesta Boricua

Welcome to the Puerto Rican National Final: Fiesta Boricua, where we are going to choose the song and artist representing the country in Fête de la Chanson 17.

Host: Ricky Martin

Venue: Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot

Let the Fiesta Boricua begin!

1) Wisin – “Baby Danger”

2) Chayanne – “Madre Tierra (Oye)”

3) Cultura Profética – “La Espera”

4) Daddy Yankee – “Lovumba”

5) Ricky Martin – “Más”

We have reached the end of the party, I hope all of you enjoyed the music and the good vibes of The Island of Enchantment.

If you want to take part of the selection, you can send your Top 3  to (yes, you don’t have to rank the songs you hate 🙂 ) You can ask for translations or things like that too. The voting will be open until Saturday 10, 19:00 CET (when the clock shows 3:oo PM in my home 😛 )

The results will be revealed in a big show on Saturday with our contestants performing a new song. 3 points will be awarded to your favourite, 2 points will go to the songs ranked second and 1 point for the song ranked third. After all the calculation, the results will be revealed starting from the lowest percentage. In case of a tie (including equal number of maximum points), I’ll have to vote. The full split results will be posted at the end.

(*Additional Game*: Two of this songs were already in my playlist, you can try to guess in the same e-mail with your votes… There is a prize 😀 )

V.I.P. List (Voters):

Martin from New Zealand*

The Anders from Gambia

Dino from Cape Verde

Oxi from Sri Lanka

Mermaid from Tunisia*

Donnie from Egypt

Toggie from Cuba*

Razvan from Canada*

Arpatilaos from Ethiopia*

Dimitris from Chile

Michos from Syria

Shevek from Mozambique*

Ellie from South Africa



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